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Have you ever seen the 70's so well personified in a car? 

This immaculate, fully restored XC ute is, dare we say, better than when it rolled off the Ford production line.

Three years ago, the car's previous owner had it taken back to bare metal, all the rust cut out of it, and restored to the awesome standard that you see before you. 

The beast boasts period, aftermarket Smiths air-conditioning, a fully re-trimmed velour cockpit, a refurbished 9-inch differential and C4, strong enough to handle whatever the rebuilt 351 Cleveland can throw at it.  

The car now sits on massive eight slot, deep-dish blacked out alloys, shod with very sticky Yokohama rubber - 265's at the rear and 235's at the front and. Needless to say, the handling is better than the original. 

The braking is also a whole lot better than original too, thanks to the installation of four-wheel-disc-brakes. 

It's a ride that's literally begging for you to chuck the 6' 8" single fin under the tonneau, and rumble down to the beach for to do your best Mark Richards impersonation. 

Oh, and did we mention that it's signed by the one and only Dick Johnson. 






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