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the 1934 ford v8 was not only the first choice of hot rodders of the fifty’s, it was immortalized in american folklore as the ‘death car’ of outlaws bonnie and clyde.


who knows, if bonnie and clyde’s ford v8 had been equipped with the ‘supercharged 286 cubic inch donk’ crammed into this green beast, maybe they’d have lived to rob another bank.


this five window coupe is a rare original steel body example (not to be confused with lesser fibreglass reproductions) and is painted in flawless aston martin green by the boys at maroubra refinishers.


originally an argentinian right hand drive vehicle, this hottie took two painstaking years to build, and the results of the $120,000 investment are breathtaking.


stomp on the gas, and the supercharged 8ba motor immediately spools up, planting the driver deep into the beautifully handcrafted leather buckets, and shifts seamlessly between cogs thanks to a fully rebuilt c4 transmission and bulletproof quick change differential by the famous winters.


thankfully, the rod is equipped with four wheel disc brakes - wilwoods at the rear, and modern commodore stoppers at the front - so it not only goes hard, but stops just hard.


this ‘34 hot rod is true poetry in motion, so it’s little wonder that ‘hopped-up’ fords like this appeared in song and celluloid, in the beach boys’ timeless tune ‘little deuce coupe’, and george lucas’ movie masterpiece, ‘american graffiti’.



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