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the first generation of the volkswagen type 2 with the split windshield, also known as the splittie, was produced from march 8 1950 through to 1967.


this unbelievably restored ‘59 splittie would have left the hanover factory with a 1200 motor, unique to that year, which proved to be so useless, that vw recalled all ‘59 models, and replaced the motors. in fact, the ‘59 engine unit was so unreliable that it was discontinued completely, and no parts were made available again.


55 years on, this splittie has had another engine transplant and now sports a totally rebuilt ’74 1600 dual port motor, so although it’s no hotrod, it can comfortably keep pace with sydney traffic.

but the engine isn’t the only thing to have received a rebuild. the whole car has been.


world renowned vdub specialists, ‘kustom coach werks’ of colorado, really went to town on this car. they shot-blasted the body, cut every inch of rust out, before welding in new steel, then they melted body lead into the panels, where lesser restorers would have used filler.literally everything on the vehicle is new, and if not new, totally rebuilt.


the colorado team did a totally awesome job (documented in a booklet of over 100 shots of every stage of the resto), so much so that the splittie appears and drives as it would have when it originally left the factory. except now it has about twice as much power.


the splittie is finished in its original l345, light grey paint, with the correct, early ‘dollar’ tail-lights, overhead heater box (which is in working order too), factory optioned safari windows, and the period ‘crows feet’ wheels are even stamped 8/59. the attention to detail on this vehicle is literally mind blowing.


aside from the engine, it has had several upgrades including a rebuilt ‘64 four speed, ‘64 big nut reduction hubs, bigger brakes, powder coated kdf hubcaps, tuff looking bf goodrich white letter tyres, an american oak lined tray, and a roof mounted cyclops headlight, from a 39 oldsmobile.


the splittie has just been serviced, completely rustproofed, had an immobiliser fitted along with a stainless vintage speed sports muffler in order to liberate a little more power.


with no offense to our photographer, the shots do not do this rebuild justice. it really needs to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated.



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